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5 Idioms to Use in Your IELTS TOEFL Essay

hi welcome to right to top comm I’m Adam in today’s video I’m going to give you five idioms to show dilemma or to show the two sides of a choice or an option when you have to choose between an action or a situation or even a thing when you’re talking about a thing you can show the good and the bad sides of it or if you have a choice to make good and bad consequences results etc so these idioms are very useful especially for those of you who will be taking a language test IELTS TOEFL CAE whatever and you need to write a an essay about agree or disagree topics or show the advantages and disadvantages of something these are very good idioms because they show you both sides and therefore you mix your the way you structure your essay a little bit easier as well plus idioms are very important for getting a high score on these tests the greatest want to see real English natural English but natural English uses idioms and if you can use idioms correctly and appropriately in the context you’re getting the extra points okay so let’s look at our first idiom there’s going to be five of them they’re all more or less in a similar context but different meanings the first one is a catch-22 now what is a catch-22 mean generally speaking it’s when you have two options or you want this or you want that but to get this first you need that but to get that first you need this right so the best example in the one I gave you here with a sentence is finding your first job now to get a job you need experience but to get experience you need to have a job so let’s look at this sample sentence new graduates often face a catch-22 situation when they look to enter the job market since they lack work experience many employers won’t hire them yet this rejection denies them the opportunity to gain this experience so how can you get experience if nobody will hire you how will anybody hire you if you don’t have experience so that’s a catch-22 okay lots of these examples you can use this in your essays easily to a double-edged sword now a sword of course has two edges it cuts this way it cuts this way but basically a double-edged sword means a situation or a thing that has both a positive and a negative side to it so look at the example communicating via the internet has become a double-edged sword so we’re talking about communicating through the internet good bad on the one hand it allows people to communicate quickly with anyone around the world good on the other hand it opens the door to cyber bullies and haters who can spew the negativity negativity to a large audience often anonymously so the internet most people think is a very good thing but it’s also a bad thing let’s people communicate all over the world it lets haters do what haters do right so the Internet two sides to it now I put this as 2a this is connected we can say something is a double-edged sword or something cuts both ways the meaning is essentially the same it has a negative and a positive meaning Phil chose a salary over an hourly wage knowing that this decision cuts both ways he’ll have a secure paycheck every month but he won’t be paid extra for overtime or holiday work so he wants he had a choice you can continue getting his hourly wage and every hour he works he gets paid for or he can get a set annual salary now the good thing about the salary every month he knows exactly what kind of paycheck he’s getting he can make a budget what’s bad is that if he has to work overtime or if yet he’s asked to come in on holidays he doesn’t get paid extra for those hours because he gets a salary the salary doesn’t change if he was on hourly wages he works overtime he gets more money but then during the slow period when there are fewer hours to work he gets less money so it cuts both ways now notice that in both examples for this one and double-edged sword you have to show me that contrasting link in the double-edged sword example I had on the one hand on the other hand to show the contrast here I have but right so if you have but you’re showing that you’re going to show the contrast of whatever came first if you gave the positive first but the negative if you gave the negative first but the positive make sure you show both sides now this is the problem this is the danger with using idioms if you don’t use them appropriately in your essays you’re going to lose points if you’re going to say something cuts both ways show me both ways if you’re going to say something is a double-edged sword show me both sides of that sort to make sure you’re using the idiom correctly between a rock and a hard place so this is a situation in which both or all options are bad so our rock is hard a hard place is hard so if you’re between a hard place and a hard place you have no good options okay the manager found himself between a rock and a hard place when he had to either lose a net his best salesperson or promote her and anger most of his senior staff who don’t like her so if he chooses to keep her he makes all his staff angry if he chooses to let her go he loses his best salesperson bad choice bad choice so he’s in a very difficult situation he’s in a situation between a rock and a hard place where everything is going to turn out badly then damned if you do damned if you don’t so this isn’t the same idea doesn’t matter which choice he makes the people who are responsible for him the people who judge him will damn him they’ll say bad things about him he made a bad choice either choice he makes is a bad choice and they will tell himself the manager also realized that he was damned if he did damned if he didn’t lose a net as sales would certainly drop in the short term so even if he kept her sales with job because the staff would be angry if he let her go sales would drop because she’s the best salesperson and his bosses the managers bosses supervisors will be angry with him either way he’s damned if he does there if he doesn’t but then there’s the lesser of two evils so you have bad choice bad choice so when you have two bad choices you’re going to choose the one that’s less bad if such an option exists I’m using the same scenario here so he finally this is he the manager finally decided that letting a net go would be the lesser of the two evils as an angry staff is a less productive staff and one person no matter how good can eventually be replaced so he decided okay bad situation bad situation but this one is less bad because either way I’m losing money or the company is losing money but she can eventually be replaced I’ll find another good salesperson but if I have the whole staff angry productivity goes down now the key here when you’re explaining the lesser of two evils make sure you’re you’re explaining why it’s the lesser of two don’t just say he chose this because it’s the lesser of the two evils what made it lesser what made it less bad than the other option if you don’t explain that then you really haven’t used the idiom correctly okay so there you have the five idioms the key is again make sure that you’re using them in the right context if you need to show both sides like double-edged sword cuts both ways etc make sure that you show both sides the catch-22 make sure that it’s very obviously obvious that the two options are conflicting and show how they are conflicting and damned if you do damned if you don’t again that should be pretty obvious it’s self-explanatory but make sure you explain why the lesser evil is the lesser evil now if you have any questions about any of these idioms please come to my Facebook page or Twitter or Instagram or go to my website right to top com ask your questions of course you can ask them below here at YouTube if you like this video please subscribe to my youtube channel there will be plenty of more plenty more videos to come and if you liked it please give me a thumbs up and I’ll see you again very soon bye bye

The Insider Secrets for Hello World

The Insider Secrets for Hello World

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Tips about how you can produce an effective resume cover letter

Tips about how you can produce an effective resume cover letter

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Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working

Content marketing works. I mean, the proof

is there. I’ve been sharing these statistics for 8 years now. HubSpot has done this famous

study on blogging. They looked at over 13,500 bloggers and they found out that the blogs

marketers published, the more inbound traffic they got to their website. And they found

that an accumulation of more content brings more leads. For example, those who published

more than 400 blogs got twice as much traffic as those that have less than 400 blogs. And

if you’ve read my blogs, you know this one too. The current ROA (Return on Advertising)

is as low as 0.6. That went way down from 11.8 times ROA back in 2016. Compare it to

the ROA on organic content, which is anywhere from 14 to 16 percent conversion from your

onsite traffic. But here’s the thing. The average time spent to see content marketing

results are anywhere from 12 to 18 months. That’s what Joe Pulizzi said.

Now, after 8 years of building content, we see results like Top 3 of Google results in

as little as 30 days, but that’s not realistic for most new content marketers. Here’s the

thing about content marketing that you have to know; it works but only if you set it up

to work. Hey guys, I’m Julia McCoy, I’m a growth-focused

content marketer. I identify as a content hacker, which is the name of my new brand

launching this June. I’m also the CEO of Express Writers and Author and Blogger. Thank you so much for joining me on today’s

video. So, those statistics on content marketing that I shared at the beginning of this video,

that more content equals more leads; consistency is key and the proof is there that content

does work way better than traditional advertising. Well, I’ve been sharing those for years now

and what I see are a lot of marketers still stuck in a rut.

Today’s video is for those that are in that rut. I’m going to call you out because I care

about you. I think that many of you are just a few feet away from what could be content

marketing greatness. But here’s the thing, if you’re not getting the fundamentals right,

which we’ll go over in a minute, and you’re not being consistent about producing great

content, all the while complaining about a lack of leads, traffic, visitors and ultimately

sales. Well, I can tell you if you just sat down and fixed some of these glaring problems,

those leads, those visitors, those sales would come. \

The real problem in concert marketing is that most content marketers think of content as

a quick fix, instead of building a house, which to really be successful that’s what

it’s like. And why are thinking of it like that? They’re over here complaining about

all the things they don’t have – those traffic leads and sales – which they could have if

these fundamentals and principles were right. We’ve got to stop being absent on our company

blog. We’ve got to fix our site fundamentals that are wrong. We need to have a professional

take a look at all that icky content we’ve just let hang on our websites. It\’92s time

for us to stop complaining about the things we wish we had and start doing something about

it. Content marketing action takers are the content marketing winners. \

I’m a College dropout and I figured out content marketing after years of trial and error.

My story is proof that anyone can see content success. I’ve been blogging, I haven\’92t

missed a week for 8 years now. We’re at 90,000 visitors a month on our site and 14 to 16

percent of those leads are converting. We’re not the only success story of content; Moz,

Unbounce, CoSchedule, these are a few big players in the marketing and software industries

that have built their presence through great content.

OK. So, if you’re here watching this and you’re just not seeing success from your content,

let’s talk about how to fix that. I’m going to give you 3 ways that you can start implementing

today and you will see results start to happen right away. And long-term, you\’92re going

to be building that foundation for a great house where leads can find you, interact with

you and then eventually, buy your stuff. \ Number one: if your site isn’t fast, well

built, stable, user friendly, or built at all, this is your first step. \

OK guys, so Google has said that conversions drop by 12 percent per second of load time.

The more time it takes to load your site, the less your human lead, buyer, audience

member, is going to stick around. And a recent study done in 2017 has showed that one full

second – ready for this – can decrease conversion rates by 70 percent. So, if you have a website

and you’re not in that bracket of don’t even have a website yet, we’ll talk about you guys

soon. You can use this tool – I’m going to put it on the screen

this is a free site speed checker. So, use this. See how fast your site is and if it’s

not fast, then you need a site developer to help you fix your site speed. \

OK. So, for those of you need who need your website fixed, rebuilt, and then for those

people who don’t even have a website yet, go get a WordPress developer. And you can

use a site like Upwork to quickly find top rated freelance developers that work per hour,

so it’s going to be easy to budget. You can set a budget, have them work by the hour,

pay them by the hour and for work done. WordPress developers can clean your site, fix your site,

rebuild it if it’s broken. If it’s not on WordPress, put it on WordPress, which by the

way, is one of the most SEO-friendly platforms out there. And make your site clean, beautiful,

user-friendly, fast. This should be your goal with your website and nothing less. And this

will lead to fit everything you do in content because without a good site, you can’t serve

good content. And you don’t even need to spend more than $30 to $50 an hour to find a really

good WordPress developer to help you out. And if you’re needing a brand-new site done,

that could cost you anywhere starting at $500 – $1000, depending on how many pages you want

to start out with. So, go get a great website, rebuild one if yours is crap, build one now

if you don’t have one. You’ll thank me later. \

Number two: research and put together an SEO report.\

I do this weekly. I research keywords for almost every new blog we create. Think of

finding the right keywords like this: you have a great house built, but you don’t have

your driveway yet and you don’t have your house number, how are people going to find

you? As do your keywords; optimizing your site with the right keywords to pull in the

people that are looking for you and your services on the web is like adding that number to your

house on the mailbox or paving that driveway, so people can drive up to your house and access

it. Without this house number, without this driveway, people are not going to find your

house. The same is true of not doing keyword research. Now, if you’re already known, you\’92re

an influencer, you’re a celebrity, you don’t have to do keyword research. But if you’re

none of the above, you should be doing it. \

After 8 years of doing consistent SEO research, I still find all these untapped opportunities

of low hanging fruit, where there is very little competition for a keyword and I can

create some great content around it, and rank in in the top 3 or 5 of Google. No matter

your niche, your industry, there are keyword opportunities out there. And get a Pro to

help you research these keywords if you don’t know what you’re doing. These tools are expensive.

For example, SEMrush is $100 a month but it’s one of the best tools you could use. Keyword

Finder is another great tool; it’s a little bit less cost, it starts around $20 or $30

a month. But once you have these tools, you need to know what you’re looking for, that’s

an art in and of itself. A link to a resource in this video description, where I talk about

how to find good keywords. \ And remember, a heavy trend in SEO is the

quality of the content on your site. So, once you have those keywords, the work isn’t done.

You need to create high quality content around those keywords. Otherwise, Google is just

not going to rank your site. If your content is riddled with typos, if the facts are missing,

if links to back up statistics aren\’92t there, this list goes on, that continent isn’t quality

and Google isn’t going to rank it. So, just like you wouldn’t try to build your house

yourself or remodel your kitchen yourself, unless you were a professional contractor,

don’t write your content yourself. If you don’t know how to build high quality onsite

content, get a writer and the long-term dividends will truly pay off. I promise you. \

OK, number 3, the last point: plan and set a consistent amount of content to happen on

your site on the regular. \ The best and easiest way to do this is through

a blog on your website. So, I’ve been able to uphold this goal of one high quality blog

per week, going strong for 8 years now. Some weeks, we publish two, three, four but our

goal is one per week at the minimum. So, we’ve been doing that for 8 years. I know marketers

that have been doing that for 20 years and that’s how they’ve built a huge presence and

a huge following. So, consistency in great content is really most of the secret sauce

to great content marketing once you have your fundamentals right. Also, images are really

important. You don’t just want to post content; you want to add great visuals. Take a look

at The Write Blog. So, everything we publish here has a uniquely designed header set. This

is something that I ask my designer to create for us, she creates it in Adobe Illustrator.

It’s super high quality and all the colors and styles match our brand – we have a clear

brand style. Using images, creating beautiful custom images for each blogpost, is a great

way to help your blog get more eyeballs. And don\’92t forget your social media, you need

to be sharing the content out that you create, so your friends, your followers, people that

might eventually become clients can find it and read it and interact with it. \

Email Marketing is going to be important of blogging too. You want to build a list, send

your new blogs to your list every week. \ OK, so that’s it, 3 ways to start getting

your fundamentals right so you can see content marketing success a lot sooner. And like I

said, this is a lot like building a house. This is not that cheap or fast or overnight

trick to get more sales and leads. It’s a consistent over time effort to bring long-term

results. And if you think about it, isn’t everything good in life kind of like that?

For example, marriage, you know; I have to work it out every day. I have to choose to

love my partner every day. Parenting is a lot like this too; you have to love your kid,

nurture your kid every day. So, why would we think of Marketing as anything different?

Why would we think that a quick trick is going to get long-term huge results? It’s just not

going to happen. \ I wanted to say this for the end because I

don’t want you to feel like you’re being pitched. Value is my main focus but if you need your

keywords researched, great content written, even a free content strategy consultation,

we do all that at Express Writers. We’re here to help businesses like yours grow through

content. You can get in touch with us today. You can actually see our services and our

pricing at Thanks so much for watching today’s video.

Want more content marketing real talk? Hit that subscribe button and then don’t forget

to hit the bell so you get notified every time I publish a new video.

And I’d love to hear what you thought of today’s video in the comments. So, let me know and

I’ll see you guys around.

Toddler is SICK ! Elsa & Anna – CHICKENPOX – The other PRETENDS ? Who’s really sick ? Doctor Barbie

that’s not fair I never I want coconut I don’t know grain Pink’s is myself Anya I just love you your new outfit that your mommy got you and now let’s play Anya Anya I’m talking to you Olli I wake up we have to play not sleep come on not sleepyhead mm-hm oh yeah yeah I’m sick so I can’t play Lonnie says that I have a fever so I’m sorry no one yeah I really wanted to play with you that’s not fair yeah I’m very mad at you well I just think what do you want me to do I don’t know just get better already Elsie I don’t stay beside me because then you might get a fever too so please fine I will I am gonna go see what mommy’s doing my head hurt should I’m getting cold hello what if I never get better mommy yeah I’m mad because I can’t play with Anya because she see why does she have to be sick right now it’s okay elfia everybody gets sick sometimes don’t be me and well I’m not mean I’m just mad I know it’s sad when somebody is sick but she don’t worry she’ll get better and look honor is preparing her some nice lunch oh yes indeed I am can I hang what he’s gonna eat yes I made her a nice grill sandwich with some cinnamon buns as a nice sweet treat at the end what and that’s not fair I wanted Oh much like that the same thing that’s not fair sorry sorry Elsie abla I’m doing this so we can make her happy don’t you want her to be to get better so she could play well yeah I do but it’s so bad little children all the time here’s a nice juicy lunch plotter for Anya Anya sweetie I’m sorry to wake you up but it’s time to eat lunch look what I made for you yum yummy okay I don’t really feel like eating I don’t get salty you don’t have to everything just eat whatever you can okay okay honey I can I please have have one cinnamon bun today yogi can have the other please no because this is my field get anthem and remember that I am six so go eat your own soon blue because you’re sick I don’t want to you never let me do anything on now I need Anya thanks a lot it’s good but I don’t really feel like eating because when you’re sick you don’t feel like it you don’t want to eat Anya but you have to because when when I I was sick I eat all and then I got better or if you don’t want to eat I could have it Elsa you are right I will try to eat but please don’t be mean because I’m sick and then yours and then you’re gonna make me feel worse Anya I got you a nice cold cloth to put on your forehead because you have a fever okay but will it hurt no of course not just relax and let it stay on your head okay okay and and tell my mommy that I don’t want to eat anymore okay and and all the attention goes to Anya why not me because she’s going out so what I don’t care huh and you know what I think she care about me too let me see what else she’s doing now okay Anya all better nice cloth and now to make you feel better a nice blanket your favorite with the balloon they shall blanket for you that’s not fair mommy wait what is it okay can I look like it are you sure well you can just have this one here you go by pink it’s only plain pink and what do you want I want a special blanket I’m sorry but this one is for Anya so she can feel better I feel better LCI stop with the attitude just take it ah why not what should i do my middle hmm give me and I want ya oh no too skinny a great idea and item just what to do this is who I’m gonna pretend that I am chicken pox so then mommy will only pick take it to me hahaha okay I’m gonna put some chicken pox only on my baby mommy you will really think it’s real this is going to be such a great idea I’m so excited just a little bit more on my face the night arm hey Sarge this is gonna be such a great plan I just can’t wait if they still give me my cinnamon bond and now hey hey oh you kids did to me hehe now time to act like I’m fake as long almost feel good either you should have happy spots on my face at harm hey LC aah you have dots on your face I never seen that before what is it I don’t know we better go to the doctor right away oh no mommy can I can you just make me feel better get me something to drink any please okay I’ll try but we still have to go to the doctor okay why no no okay I will take care of you and give you food to make you feel better but if it’s still bad and the dots are still there and we’re going to the doctor okay alright and here’s a special blanket for you thank you your mommy you’re welcome and now I am hungry can you please get me some food sure I can Elsie ah there’s something weird about you because you don’t feel like you’re sick you’re not acting like you’re sick well actually I am mommy does how that’s how I am when I see a sick hmm no I don’t believe it we have to go to the doctor no mommy I’m fine I’m calm no Elsie I listen to me you’re not fine we’re going right now okay go commit I don’t know I’m scared to go no no no Elsie ah nothing’s going to happen let’s go ok ok I’m going to say one more time come out of the bed mommy look I pick ya round very well we still have to go to the doctor okay no no no all right I’m scared what should I do I’ve been freaked out I’m gonna pull up it is there my mom is gonna be really mad at me oh I’m so scared you can go to the doctor since all see with Sonya let’s go right now no no maybe some medicine will make me feel meh no no no I went to the doctor no cause right now no no please hello guys are you here for an appointment yes there’s an appointment for my little daughter she looks kind of weird and she’s acting weird too all right my name is dr. Karen I’ll take care of you today thank you alright step out here sweetie okay let me help you up okay right there oh boy thankful feared let me have a look at you and see what’s wrong scared everything’s okay we’re good-looking thank you are you getting through hmm I think your mom is right you do have chickenpox and I think you need to get a needle because of this mommy I don’t want to need oh hi scared don’t worry you will feel better it’s just a little pinch and then it’s gone what’s not please don’t do it now very few really know yes I have you in now open the wait stop okay here I go I want to tell you something what is it I don’t actually have chickenpox what what do you mean how do you know you’re just a little child won’t get a wet cloth and rubbed it on my face – then you’ll see okay spray some water let’s see if you’re right Oh rub it everywhere and now let’s see whoa actually the little one looks right look at all this marker and look at her face oh no more marker oh boy did you do this I think you should talk to your mom um okay I’ll see ya in this for real why would you do this why would you trick me well because you were only caring about Anya and doing nice things for her if you weren’t caring about me Oh Elsie ah but why did you do this and you made me go to a doctor for no reason oh because you are only care I care until now Anya into a nice face to her because he was sick if you weren’t caring about me healthier why would you put marker on yourself you know that I love you and you’re my child but you made me go to the doctor for no reason now before you I don’t like when you trick me else yeah you know I don’t see ya right now I just thought it would work and I feel ready and I feel really bad you have just told me Elsa I’m so sorry mommy I will forgive you but next time don’t do this okay okay so else you have new mom I’ll try paying attention to you more next time okay I’m sorry I wasted your time doctor that’s okay sweetie when people are sick they usually get a more attention from their parents you remember when you were sick you are getting more attention right yes I’d remember so now you learned your lesson right yep bye doctor my thank you for your time and patience Oh bye no problem feel free to come when you’re really sick and don’t forget to apologize to omneya when you get home okay okay let’s go home did it begin the biggest disease visit our channel and subscribe for more videos [Music]

Ace the AP English Literature Exam: Essay Hooks

hello welcome back to my channel my name is Carly Stevens I’m the author of the young adult fantasy novel Furion Rising and this is English nerd so last year when I posted my AP how to ace the AP exam videos about multiple-choice and the poetry and prose essays and the open question essay you guys asked me a lot of questions about how to write an effective hook and so that’s what this video is all about I wanted to give you five different ways methods to begin your essay effectively these are not the five only ways to begin your essay anything that really gets you started if you’re stuck is good enough but here are five ways that I found to write some sanaa C openings so these are geared toward an open question essay but they can be applied to any of the three types of essays on the AP literature exam so I’ve written everything down in this journal because apparently I’m super old-school and don’t have something electronic in front of me the prompt that I’m going to be working with is this just to kind of Center us on one idea and then create a few prompts from that the prompt is going to be this in some novels and plays certain parallel or recurring events proved to be significant in an essay describe the major similarities and differences in a sequence of parallel or recurring events in a novel or play and discuss the significance of such events do not merely summarize the plot okay so most of these prompts are really vague or really boring I mean this one literally says tell us about the similarities and differences everything in the known universe has similarities and differences it’s your job to make this interesting and specific so tip number one as far as beginning your essay you can begin with the thesis statement so essentially the argument that you’re going to make a lot of people are not able to gather their thoughts fast enough to start off with their first sentence as their thesis statement but if you are one of the lucky few or you have this great brain wave as you’re sitting the AP exam your thesis statement opening might sound something like this I’m going to use Macbeth as an example thunder and lightning uh sure in the witches and Shakespeare’s Macbeth through increasingly sinister scenes the witches guide Macbeth to destruction and the audience to an understanding that every person regardless of environment controls his own choices so that is what I came up with this morning that is a possible thesis statement that outlines your entire argument that you’ll be making through the essay now let’s say that you are not lucky enough to be able to figure out exactly what your thesis statement is right off the bat but instead you kind of have to find it and you’ll put that statement at the end instead what’s another way that you can start off that is really effective tip number two is to use a striking image in this case I’m going to use the Great Gatsby the eyes of dr. TJ eckleburg tower blue and piercing over George Wilson’s repair shop through yellow spectacles the monster size watch the characters from f scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby as they fall prey to their sins so you’ll notice in both of these I’ve included not only the author in the work which is something you should do right up front it doesn’t have to be the first sentence but you should do it pretty early on but I’ve also thrown in these details so in the first one I talked about thunder and lightning assuring in the first appearance of the witches that’s literally the first stage direction man in Macbeth that’s something specific I talked about the yellow spectacles on TJ eckleburg it’s just that detail of saying that they’re yellow shows that I have read the book that I know what I’m talking about and that I didn’t just sparknotes something that is known to be a prominent symbol in the story so at anytime you can put in those little adjectives or those little things those little bits that you remember the better just general rule of thumb for all of these so you can do a striking image just paint a picture and then from there you can start developing your idea okay number three is to start off talking about the main message no matter what the prompt is for the APSA even if it’s not overtly stated what the AP graders are looking for is the main message and how different elements of the story or poem contribute to that overall message or meaning of the work so in the case of the prompt that I gave you there was no mention of the overall meaning but it did use words like significance and things like that so just assume that no matter what sort of essay you’re writing the main message is key so a way that you might want to begin with the main message I’m gonna use to kill a mockingbird for this one is this this one’s not my snazziest but forgive me it was sort of early this morning all right tequila Mockingbird by Harper Lee taught me to walk around in someone’s shoes before judging them as Atticus does with Tom Robinson so just not to recap everything I’ve talked about so far but you’ll notice that all of these cut to the chase there is no throat-clearing generality there is just talking about something that is specific and relevant to the book so walking around in somebody’s shoes before judging them that is a paraphrase of a really important quotation from tequila Mockingbird number four number four is kind of fun and you don’t want to get so caught up in this that you spend a lot of time developing this opening but if you just spend a couple of sentences it can be a really effective and fun way to begin your essay and that is the movie trailer turn Ameen I’m gonna use Lord of the Flies as an example for this one every book every good book should have several major turning points and those turning points are going to be important in your open question essay no matter what the prompt is you’ll need to know some of those major shifts in the narratives so in Lord of the Flies of course a couple of those major stuffs probably come to mind the first one that came to my mind as I was thinking about it was the well okay just spoilers you have not read Lord of the Flies please click away because I’m about to spoil something really huge but I assume that a lot of you have read this book because you’re an AP literature and you’ve gone through all of your high school curriculum which very often includes this the turning point that came to my mind was the death of Simon it’s the first murder that the boys commit and it’s really shocking and dreadful so with this idea of a movie trailer turn it’s kind of like that striking image you’re setting the scene of that turning point and elaborating from there using that as your launching off point to talk about whatever the prompt actually is so my opening that I created for that was this death is usually hideous not attended by starlight creatures and transformed into a work of art done then I would go on to talk about Lord of the Flies and the importance of the death of Simon and how it’s the first of several parallel scenes where the boys try to hunt the Beast and it gets increasingly increasingly worse so you can be you can be kind of dramatic what you don’t want to do is say something like since the beginning of time love there’s been a theme that’s boring mine is more specific even though I’m talking about these big ideas the idea of death being portrayed as hideous or as beautiful I mentioned the Starlite creatures transformed into a work of art the description of Simon’s corpse is just that that we have these moon how did that as the photo they put in moonlight bodies of the creatures that come around and as the waves come up and bring the sand over his body it’s described as Simon becoming almost like a marble statue so anyway you can use that movie trailer voice but don’t go so far out in the stratosphere that you are neglecting to say something specific that pertains to book last and not least number five number five is really if you are stuck and you’re not quite sure what to do this is a an almost foolproof way to get somebody’s attention it’s a bit of a cheap trick but it can be really effective if the rest of your essay starts making really great points and that is just choosing one word just starting with a fragment one word normally I’m against fragments but if you do it artistically there can be a place for it so I’m going to use heart of darkness as the book for this example the one word is this broken in Conrad’s heart of darkness everything is broken Marlow needs ribbons for the ships a shed burns cliffs are blasted apart Kurtz’s broken mind is the heart of darkness so we have a lot of drama there but we also start things off with a specific bang a specific hook so hopefully those were helpful for you obviously there are many other ways to begin an essay effectively but since I got so many questions about this before I wanted to create a video just for you guys and if you know of any other tricks to start an AP literature essay effectively put those in the comments below I’m sure that the entire community would benefit from hearing about those if you liked this video like it and make sure to subscribe for more content like this alright I’ll see you on Monday good luck on the AP exam bye

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